Some things in business are counter-intuitive. One example is the long sales letter. After decades of research, the results are in, longer sales letters sell better than short sales letters.

We all naturally think brevity is the best way to go, but the numbers don’t lie.

The reason is that if someone is interested in your offer, they naturally want to read more. Questions form in their minds and they want answers to those questions. So as long as your long copy prompts those questions in their minds and promises to deliver answers to them, your chances to sell to those individuals goes up.

Of course this assumes your long copy is well-written.

Go back to what I just said earlier. As long as your long copy 1) prompts the reader to ask questions, and 2) promises to answer those questions, you will sell.

I did NOT say to answer those questions right away. Curiosity is one way to keep your reader in an excited state long enough for you to give your entire sales message.

One effective way I have seen is for copywriters to put phrases like, "Find out how you can ______, on the next page." Or, "Learn how to keep this from happening to you on the next page."

These sales letters refuse to let go of the readers’ interest and actually read like a cliffhanger.

I like to use a technique I call "The Cart Before The Horse Technique." All I have to do is mention a string of benefits or warnings, and promise to reveal the answer shortly.

Here’s an example: "Did you know that there is one food item that can help you lose about a pound or more a week if you eat one with every meal? Did you know this food item also tastes delicious, makes a perfect snack and has so many nutritional benefits that it can add years to your life? What is this wonderful food? It is ………….the apple."

Bet you didn’t know all that about the apple, did you? And I bet you weren’t about to stop reading until you found out what food I was talking about.
Write longer sales letters. Excite your readers’ curiosity and promise to answer their questions shortly. Do all that and you will see your sales climb through the roof.

COPYRIGHT(C)2006, Charles Brown. All rights reserved.


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