A freelance copywriter should be ready, willing and able to steal ideas at the drop of a hat. Which explains why I got so excited when I read about a top insurance salesman who revealed why he was his company’s top producer.

Here is his idea that is really worth stealing:

“I didn’t go to college and I can’t quote the important clauses from a policy, but I can scare the wits our of those I call on with what happens if they are not insured.

I’ve collected what I call my “terrible tales” – real-life horror stories of those who didn’t have insurance, stories that would curl your hair. I have everything from crying widows to homeless orphans – all because there was no insurance.

I had a 3x5 card file on every sob story or funny tale that I ever read about or heard in reference to not carrying insurance. Some would bring tears, others laughter.

My son-in-law is now in the insurance business. As I told him, “all you need is a story a day to sell.”

(from Speak Like Churchill, Stand Like Lincoln, by James Humes.)

Stories have astonishing power. They can be used by politicians and preachers to make a point, they can help us remember a class lecture decades after graduation, and they can help us sell.

You can become a better, more persuasive copywriter with a collection of stories. Collect stories about your customers, and collect stories about people who didn’t have your product, but should have. Gather customer feedback, reports from salespeople in the field, testimonials and customer complaints. Go even further and clip newspaper stories, Dear Abby columns and letters to the editor and even jokes.

All of these things will help you write better copy. As your collection of stories grows, so will your ability to weave them into your copy.

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