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Let me get the word out to all freelance copywriters: put a link to Brian Clark's on your web site (see the top of my list of links on the right). This guy is all about marketing by educating your potential customers. In other words, give away free information left, right, up, down, forward and backward.

The term Brian uses is “tutorial marketing.” He challenges the marketer to put a blog at the center of a marketing system to feed good, meaty information. (Ahem, why do you think I spend all this time writing Dynamic Copywriting as a blog rather than a cushy, set it up and let it roll website?)

Check out this link to a very excellent Copyblogger article you must read at:’t-sell…-teach/.

You heard it here first.

freelance copywriter, copywriting tips, freelance commercial writer


Hey, thanks for the mention! The link is actually broken in your post though -- the URL came out funny due to a bug in Wprdpress, and I think that's why it didn't translate in your post.

11:16 AM

Oops. That's why I should check my links before I post. Can you re-send me the correct link and I will make that change.

10:21 AM

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