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For those of you just coming out of a coma, Ashley Alexandra Dupre, is the high-priced call girl who is at the center of New York Governor Eliot Spitzer's recent downfall and resignation. She is also a newly-minted millionaire.

It took all of two days for her to go from a call girl to having a bank account of over $1.4 million dollars.

It seems Ms. Dupre is also an aspiring singer, who had two singles available online. When the news hit about her liaison with the governor, the internet gold rush was on to find out all things "Ashley Alexandra Dupre," and people downloaded her songs by the millions.

And although she earned what seems a modest $.69 per download, millions of people downloaded her instant hits before the news cycle began to wane.

So are there lessons here for those of us who market other "products?"

As a matter of fact, yes.

First, although few companies would purposely want to be in the eye of such a publicity hurricane as Ashley Alexandra Dupre finds herself, publicity can reach many, many more people than paid-for marketing efforts.

One way to get free publicity is to piggyback onto a hot news story (as I am shamelessly doing right now in this article).

My favorite, and most dog-eared book on publicity is Marcia Yudkin's 6 Steps To Free Publicity. Simply put, Marcia is a genius, and I say that without reservation. This book will show you how to look for publicity opportunities and how to ride the wave along with them.

Second, appeal to the very human impulse to instant gratification. Ashley Alexandra Dupre had her songs on the internet in a downloadable format, and you can do the same thing.

It is simply a matter of "packaging" your knowledge and expertise in the form of information products. These can be ebooks, tip sheets, white papers, downloadable audio or video files or software programs.

Moreover, your downloadable product can either be free enticements to get your website visitors to opt into your email list, or you could charge for them. (you can already see how quickly $.69 adds up when tied to a lot of publicity).

Riding a publicity wave and offering downloadable info products can be a powerful marketing strategy. I'm sure Ms. Dupre never saw this coming, but if you are nimble enough to tie what you do to a hot news story, you can reap much of the same benefits (without having to hide your head in public).

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