I found a very interesting article on Findlaw.com that was posted for lawyers wishing to market their law practices. However, since the article is actually a list of over 100 marketing ideas that were originally posted by the Small Business Administration, I think all business people will find it helpful.

The article can be found at 100+ Marketing Ideas.

Some of the ideas you may find helpful are:

  • Get a marketing intern to take you on as a client; it will give the intern experience and you some free marketing help.
  • Produce separate business cards/sales literature for each of your target market segments (e.g. government and commercial and/or business and consumer).
  • Photocopy interesting articles and send them to clients and prospects with a hand-written FYI note and your business card.
  • Join a list-serve (online group) related to your profession. You can find hundreds of such groups on Google groups or Yahoo groups.
  • Never let a day go past without engaging in at least one marketing activity.
  • Publish a newsletter for your prospects and customers (the article doesn’t specify, but I would recommend an email newsletter which is free to send out).
  • Test a new mailing list. If it produces results, add it to your current direct mail lists or consider replacing a list that's not performing up to expectations.
  • Rather than sending direct mail in plain white envelopes, use colored or oversized envelopes to pique recipients' curiosity.

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