Since posting last week's statement about how badly I wanted your comments, I have received feedback from two of you that your comments have not shown up on this blog (thanks Mark and Whitney).

So I have removed the Blogger moderator tool so your comments will now go live right away. I'll just have to be diligent to remove the Viagra and "natural male enhancement" spam comments manually.

The lack of comments and feedback I had been seeing had been my biggest disappointment with writing this blog. I was wondering if I was connecting with anyone out there, and if anyone was finding value to the stuff I was writing.

But now I find that a technical glitch was at least part of the problem. I'm still puzzled by the fact that some comments came through, but hopefully the problem has now been solved.

Thank you again Mark and Whitney. I would not have known there was a problem if you hadn't let me know.

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Perhaps turning off comment moderation needs only be a temporary solution while Blogger works out its problems.

A couple of associates have blogs on and have noticed similar flakiness with comments. Because they don't use comment moderation, they think it has something to do with temporary flakiness with Word Verification.

3:05 PM

Mark you are right. Since Blogger "upgraded" to beta, I have had a lot of small irritating problems.

Just as an example, I've been having problems posting comments to my own blog. In order to finally respond to what you had to say, I had to download a different browser.

I just hope Blogger gets it together soon.

Charles Brown

6:19 AM

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