Up until now, I have not made my “policy” about posting comments to my blog, http://dynamiccopywriting.blogspot.com, clear.

It’s time to correct this oversight.

I welcome, encourage and cherish your reader comments to any post I put on my blog. Although I have turned on Blogger's tool to filter comments, I only filter out those rare unprofessional and inappropriate comments. (So if you are trying to use my site to sell some “natural male enhancement” product, keep moving).

Feel free to disagree with me. Feel free to point out my glaring mistakes, and by all means fell free to mention your own site, as long as it adds real value to the readers and is appropriate to the discussion at hand.

I think the scarcity of reader feedback has been this blog’s biggest weakness. Hopefully letting you know that I encourage your comments will improve this situation.

So, you now have the official green light to leave your comments and give us your feedback. Let’s hear from all of you.


I've posted comments to your posts in the last couple of weeks, only to see them disappear into comment moderation and never show up on your blog.

That means you're either not receiving notification of comments awaiting moderation...they're getting sent into a black hole somewhere...or you're screening out the ones you get -- even the ones that agree with you. Methinks it's quite probably the former.

12:23 AM

Mark I sincerely apologize.

No I haven't filtered out any comments other than those trying to sell unrelated products on my site.

But yours is the second incident I've become aware of in the last few days. When I converted to blogger beta, the comments posting has not run too smoothly.

As of today, I am taking off the filter and will just have to be diligent to remove spam comments after the fact.

I really do want your comments.

8:01 AM

I'm glad Mark said something.

After discovering your blog through Michael Stelzner's site (linking really does draw traffic!), I trawled your postings and commented on two or three fairly recent ones that I thought were well-executed and particularly valuable. And similarly saw comments disappear into a black hole.

You would think that companies could make conversion and migration processes easier for their users and more seamless.

2:12 PM

Folks, I really hope the black hole is now plugged up.

I took off the comment filter and I just have to be diligent to remove any unwanted comments one at a time (Note to you Viagra marketers, I really don't want spam on this blog).

Thanks for sticking with me people. I had no idea there was a problem.

6:23 AM

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