Every business should occasionally spend time rethinking what business we are in. my own freelance copywriter business is no exception.

Lately I’ve come to realize that my core competencies are:

  1. Helping clients build a marketing strategy based upon giving out free information to their potential clients in the forms of white papers, booklets, ebooks, tip sheets, audio products and writing articles.

  2. Leverage these free information products to generate leads, build a list of subscribers and compile a database, through direct response advertising, sales letters and web content.

  3. Incorporate the incredible power of blogging and article writing (including both online and offline articles) to help clients position themselves as experts in their fields.

  4. Develop multiple ways to distribute the free information products to attract web traffic, email subscribers and inquiries.

  5. Offer ghost writing services to clients who cannot write their own articles, , booklets, ebooks, tip sheets, white papers, audio products and full-length books.

  6. Provide coaching services for those clients who want to write their own articles, blogs and books. Allow them to work on these projects with the support and assistance of a professional writer.

Not only are these the things I do very well, but I also believe they are the most valuable things I can do to produce results for my clients.

I am very interested in your comments and feedback on this redirection of my business model. Blogger has been having trouble accepting comments lately, so if you can’t post a comment, please email me at ***charbrow@gmail.com*** or you can even call me at 817.715.3852.

Any feedback you can give me will be very appreciated.

COPYRIGHT © 2006, Charles Brown


Hi Charles - This is a good excercise that everyone should consider. I am going through much of this myself right now. - Mike

12:39 PM

Thank you Michael. I suddenly feel an enourmous weight lifted off my shoulders. I can't be all things to all clients and still do it well.

But I well remember my days as an attorney when I really could have used this kind of help marketing my practice.

I'm older and a lot wiser now, and I feel I can do more for my clients by narrowing my focus.

Charles Brown

10:45 AM

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