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Website Copywriting Designed To Focus on the Sale

I just read an interesting article by Todd Follansbee in Web Marketing Today. Todd is a website "Usability and Conversion Expert" who has conducted extensive research on what makes people buy when they visit a website.

Based on his research, he recommends that instead of following the traditional, "put up the home page and add other elements later" model, companies would do far better to design their websites backwards.

10 Point Site Design For Higher Marketing Results

Here are Follansbee's 10 points for designing websites backwards. You will see how this approach offers a much better chance of delivering higher sales than the traditional metiod:
  1. Interview clients to find out what they want and need.
  2. Brainstorm a list of everything a client would want to know in order to feel comfortable making a purchase.
  3. Organize this information into logical groupings.
  4. Visualize visitors buying process and construct a "sales ladder" that leads them along this process in sequence.
  5. Storyboard each page of the site to make sure it follows the sales ladder.
  6. Test your ideas with real customers to make sure your assumptions ring true in the real world.
  7. Navigation. Begin setting up the website so that it offers the design elements visitors will be comfortable with.
  8. Hire designers only after all sales ladder has been created and the sales ideas have been tested with real world customers.
  9. Build the site. Rather than build it first and add on later, the site is only built after a clear plan has been laid to take visitors through the entire sales sequence.
  10. Launch, monitor and refine. Testing never ends. Keep improving, keep checking your ideas against real world customers and how they behave.

This is a very informative article by Todd Follansbee. If you would like to read his entire piece, check out

freelance copywriter, ghost writer, web content writer, white papers

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