I just ran across the following article by marketing guru and the father of the concept of "positioning" in the marketplace, Jack Trout, called Greatest Stories Never Told about marketing stories that you never hear of. The organizations he mentions, Wal Mart, Southwest Airlines,SKF, the Bestty Crocker division of General Mills, Papa Johns Pizza and even the Democratic Party are fascinating, but these organizations seem to not realize the power of actually telling these remarkable stories.

Religions also spread their messages with stories. While I'm not familiar with Islam and Hinduism, I do know about Judaism and Christianity.

Christianity is based entirely on the story of Jesus' life, death and resurrection. While he was alive, Jesus himself spread his message with stories he called parables.

Judaism tells and retells its great stories too. During the Passover holiday the story of Moses leading the people of Israel out of Egyptian captivity is told to hearers who realize this one story sums up what it means to be Jewish.

If religions spread their messages with stories, why aren't business organizations? Does your company nit pick over quality issues? Then there is a powerful story there.

Does your company take great pains to service the customer after the sale? Then tell this story too.

How about product development? Tell the story about how your company spends time, money and manpower to make sure your new products have no equal in the marketplace.

Do you have lots of satisfied customers who overcame big problems as a result of doing business with you? Tell these stories in the form of case studies and get the word out in press releases, print ads, presentations, or your web content.

What other business stories are out there? Give me your feedback with examples of great stories that need to be told.

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