I just read (and Dugg) Vin Montello's post announcing his new ebook called Seven Story Secrets That Skyrocket Sales and wanted to let you folks know about it right away.

As you know, I've been on my own kick lately about the power of storytelling as a marketing tool. To put it simply, STORIES SELL.

What got my attention right away was his very first secret which had to do with telling a story in the copy's headline. I can't imagine a reader being able to resist the kind of headline he talks about.

The other thing that struck me is that Vin is also just giving his ebook away, free and without even asking readers to opt onto a list. I wonder if Vin has been reading my email here, but I originally planned to use the ebook I finished last week, The Plot Thickens: Why Case Studies Create New Customers as an opt in device. But I got some really good advice from David Meerman Scott who suggested that it would have a better chance of going viral if there were no strings attached.

I really recommend that you read Vin's ebook and also Digg it or Stumble it. It really should be bookmarked.

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