What is an irresistable offer? As marketers, we are all seeking ways to create compelling ads, web sites, and other marketing material that will get people to buy what we sell. I thought this article by Andre Thomas would be helpful to readers of this site who want to do a better job of turning prospects into buyers.
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Web Copywriting Tips - How To Craft Irresistible Offers

By Andre Thomas

according to legendary copywriter Gary halbert, the most important factor that determines your success is a "hungry crowd". If people are hungry for your product, there's really no need for selling.

But that's not the case in reality. Your competitors are only a click away so it's crucial that you have a better offer than they do. Offer is the second most important factor that determines your conversion. Poor conversion can never be saved by compelling web copy... but poor web copy are often rescued by irresistible offer! An irresistible offer should be at the heart of your whole marketing campaign.., and coming up with it should be job number 1 when you sit down to plan your web copy.

So what makes an offer irresistible? Here are a few steps I use to create them:

1. The first and most obvious way is to add more goodies. Getting X+Y is always better than just X. People love free stuff so give it to them. Information is free to reproduce but are valuable and that makes it ideal to be bonuses.

2. Give your customer a real world value on which to benchmark your current price. If you don't initially offer it for a higher price, your customers will put that price as "what it should be", which makes your offer not that irresistible.

3. Make your offer unique to you. There's definitely no unique service that you can perform but no other can. There's definitely no unique product that you can produce that has no substitute. But there's one thing that you can do to make your offer unique and that is by branding. Products and services under your brand is exclusive to you so make sure you brand your product well.

4. Anyone can offer anything they want so it's nothing special that you made an offer. The real question in your customer's heads is whether you can deliver. So make yourself as believable as possible by adding testimonials, displaying your contact details and information such as disclaimer, privacy policy and refund policy. If you have the cash, get a security badge from one of the popular online assurance providers.

5. Make it easy for your customers to understand the offer and what exactly will they get once they purchase because if they don't they'll leave without turning back. Simplicity is key and if the offer is complex (and if you it's easy, think again) make sure you simplify it by categorizing and using simple words.

So there, 5 ways to craft irresistible offers. I'm sure there are hundreds more ways you can think of and hundreds more ways you can think of to do each of the 5 points I made, but if you just concentrate on what I gone through, there's no doubt it will send your conversion through the roof.
Andre Thomas was a freelance copywriter for 8 years. He now works at home as an internet marketer. You can find more mind blowing web copywriting tips on his blog at http://www.salescopyquickfix.com/blog You can find his latest best-selling book, Sales Copy QuickFix, at http://www.salescopyquickfix.com

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