Casey Hibbard just wrote an article on her blog called, Relieving reference customers - Give 'em a break!, that opened my eyes to a new reason companies need to be using case studies.

When we've done good work for a customer, all of us naturally want to use that business or individual as a reference. The customers, for their part, are still feeling a warm glow as a result of your product or service finally solving their problem. So they just as naturally agree to be your reference.

So far so good.

But what happens when that customer starts getting 10 to 50 calls a week? Not so good.

Naming a satisfied customer as a reference produces short term rewards because that customer will eventually weary of telling prospects how wonderful you are ... especially when the mere mention of your company is beginning to send them diving under their desks.

In the course of writing many a case study, Casey has discovered that many of these satisfied customers are GLAD to be the focus of a success story because it means these phone calls will finally come to an end.

Want to keep your best, most satisfied customers' stories fresh and compelling? Then turn their experience into a case study, and give them a break on all the reference telephone calls.

Check out Casey's article at: Relieving reference customers - Give 'em a break!

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