Every week I look forward to getting my Wednesday email from Marcia Yudkin when she sends out her Marketing Minute.

I'm not sure if it is accurate to call Marketing Minute a newsletter since, as the name implies, it is a very short, one page marketing idea.

These pithy little ideas have really been helpful to me over time. Not everything applies to what I do, but they almost always stimulate my thoughts and send me off on some tangent of creativity. Many of my articles and blog posts grew out of ideas I have learned from Marcia.

So I really endorse and recommend that you subscribe to Marcia Yudkin's Marketing Minute and give yourself a reason to look forward to your Wednesday email.

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I am commenting here on my own blog post, but today I read an article by Marcia that explains why here Marketing Minute newsletter is so poplular and why she still has thousands of her original subscribers.

Click here to read her article: http://www.yudkin.com/stay.htm.

Charles Brown

8:39 AM

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